Yaaaaaasssss. This mama bear protector to the max is the doula you need. Her resources and knowledge, her attitude towards birth, and her effort and communication skills, all added up to make an unforgettably peaceful, light hearted, and love driven birthing experience.

One of my favorite traits of Noelle's, other than her puuurfect sense of humor and wit, was her strong emphasis on mine and my partners connection and communication during the entire process. She facilitated an even stronger bond between us that made for an abundancy of tender moments and an even deeper love for each other. She was everything we needed and more. She's become a sister and friend. What more could you ask for?


Noelle is an incredible doula... Not only is she full of knowledge, compassion and light, she seems to have eyes in the back of her head. She was such an observant and protective advocate for us as we ended up with a short and sweet hospital birth after a planned home birth. Her ability to gauge the emotional tone of a situation while simultaneously being incredibly physically present and supportive is mind-blowing. Noelle created an amazing bond with my partner as she and I grew closer through the journey of the pregnancy and beyond. We are so grateful to her as a family.


Noelle could not have been a more perfect doula for our first birth experience. Every interaction with her was pleasant, professional, supportive, connected, and present from our first phone call to our postpartum visit. There wasn't one moment that my husband or I didn't feel warmth from her. Our birth was a marathon event that didn't exactly go as we had intended, but Noelle never skipped a beat. She helped both my husband and I remain active and present throughout the whole time, helped us handle the emotional speed bumps, and provided amazing support and coaching through the whole endeavor. She helped nurture the spirit of love and boosted the amount of strength both my husband and I needed to bring our daughter into the world.

Everyone should be as lucky as we were to have Noelle present at their birth; without her I don't know that we would have handled the whole experience nearly as well as we did. Noelle is a truly gifted intuitive supportive nurturing individual. If we embark on this journey again, we will absolutely have Noelle present again.


My experience with Noelle has been fantastic. Thanks to her I had a wonderful VBAC, despite all the fears I had from my previous birth experience. Her calm demeanor and her knowledge made me feel safe, and gave me the right positive energy. I highly recommend her!


Long post alert but well worth the read--- you're preparing for the birth of your child dang it --- read up: 
I am so happy and blessed that I chose Noelle as my doula. She is, without question, one of the main reasons I had a successful VBAC against a lot of odds! I am a serious knowledge seeker. I am someone who, errantly in my opinion, believes knowledge will get you through any situation. With my first, I had a great doula, but I was induced, and failed to progress after two days was still at a 2, and had to have a c-section. When I chose Noelle, I knew I needed a lot of emotional support – a true cheerleader of sorts; someone who has been through labor herself, and was open enough to seek out how to support me in the way I would want even though I wasn’t always knowing what I wanted during the labor, Noelle had taken the time (throughout the pregnancy) to understand me and my desires and where/when I needed EMOTIONAL support and SOOTHING versus when I needed physical comfort measures. Her newness to the field was not an obstacle, but rather a great plus – and that’s coming from a birth worker.

When medication became necessary despite wanting to avoid it, I confidently knew it was truly necessary and not something I was getting pushed into against my very tired will. I am very certain I would NOT have had my vbac without her support, as I was not only exhausted from the prodromal labor, but I am also a diabetic (insulin) and the baby’s cord was wrapped twice around the neck and there was meconium. She never once lost her cool. I was amazed too at her stamina and her ability to really help when my labor turned to back labor at the end as well. She always kept the conversation open, discussing different directions we could go and things we could try. She’s an amazing lady who I trusted with one of the most intimate moments in my life, and our son and we will forever benefit from it. Anyone else, and I wouldn’t have lasted long enough to make it…